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Raise Capital the Right Way
Standard Associates' network of partners raises and invests private equity across varying industries, geographies and transactions. Target investments naturally range in size however our partners persist in maximizing shareholder value through appropriate and strategic value creation with specific respect to finances and operations.

Our network's approach is focused. Our partners target capital appreciation by committing equity to high potential, startup companies embodying the core tenants of quality, innovation and top tier management.

Our partners offer and uphold private equity advantages to sustain our approach:

Global network providing access to well-regarded C-suite and management teams, outstanding companies and established private equity groups and institutions.

Reliable relationships with strategic stakeholders spanning an exhaustive continuum including government, commerce, social enterprise and individual.

Sophisticated economic approach to procuring investments by leveraging our dedicated experience and capital scale.

Lucrative deployment thanks to our expansive and well-established relationships, markets, knowledge and best practices.

Secure Your Future
Achieve your financial goals and establish a plan for your future. Our network has experience and investment opportunities to help you achieve your vision. Here are top five steps our network has compiled to inform your general strategy to building an effective investment portfolio:
  1. Establish specific goals.
  2. Allocate your assets to avoid the risk of owing just one type of investment.
  3. Diversity across investment styles.
  4. Select your investments.
  5. Follow your strategy over the long term.
Standard Associates’ partner network is determined to guide you wisely during your investment decisions and our network’s solutions specifically are a viable solution when it comes to strategically allocating your assets.
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